Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[Review] Dueba Puffy 3 Tone (AKA Royal Vision Macaron or G&G Shinny) in Aqua Blue

Brand: Dueba
Product Name: Puffy 3 Tone
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 1 year
Other names: Royal Vision Macaron, 
G&G Shinny
Store Purchased From:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catching up! Updates!

So recently I've had many ideas rolling around for blog posts, some that I've already worked on and photographed, but have yet to edit, upload, and compose (write the post). I really don't know when I'll be able to do all of this, but just let it be known that I haven't forgotten and that I'm working on it! 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

[Music] Arson Makes Me Hot: Digital Symphonies [Electronic]

[Sorry for the faulty links/anchors!]

Yesterday afternoon, while looking at my blogging Wunderlist (an AMAZING to-do list app for apple iDevices/Mac OSX/Android/Windows and even just online) I began thinking up ideas for upcoming blog posts. Among ideas such as a pop-up flash photo trick I know, working at KC Fashion Week, and talking about my dream of writing/illustrating a children's book, one particular idea came up that I should have thought about a long time ago.

Today I want to talk about a good friend of mine and the absolutely dynamic music he makes. Garrett creates electronic music for his project by the name of Arson Makes Me Hot. He and his music are essentially what got me interested and listening to the broad spectrum of electronic music about two years ago.
You can go straight to listening to his music or reading about him, his music, and us working together. Or both!

  1. How It Started
  2. About Him
  3. About Arson Makes Me Hot
  4. My Picks
  5. Links
I'm not about to write a biography, so I'll just keep it simple. Garrett Van Valkenburg (is it two words? Garrett tell me) is 21 years old. He's from Kent, Connecticut. He's been trained in music composition extensively. For AMMH, he typically works around the genres of chiptune, dance, house, hardstyle, and D&B. Besides electronic music, Garrett has a liking for post-hardcore and alternative music as well. He likes fire, video games, and baking. This closes the nutshell.

When I'm talking about his music, I'm probably not using the proper terminology, but I hope it works.

His Schtick
Too many electronic songs are made so simply and are good hits. But it's songs like his where it feels like you're listening to some sort of digital symphony composed of samples, built upon layers and layers and layers of sound, without sounding like a huge mess. He told me that this type of style was his initial goal and it's what he loves to do. A popular group that I first recognized this in was Crystal Castles, which I actually made Garrett listen to for the first time. He places intricacies and simplicities in the perfect place, blending every sound so seamlessly, it's just a complete pleasure to hear.

My Picks
And of course, the song he made for me. n_n
Soundcloud -- regular music posts and downloads
Bandcamp -- high quality album downloads
Facebook -- like and share his music
Twitter -- contact him
Tumblr -- follow him

Garrett's Personals:

How It Started
We first met on tumblr, when I was a socially inept My Chemical Romance fan. If you know of MCR, then you probably know that the fan base (particularly the crazy fan base) is mostly made up of females. Male MCR fans were hard to come by, especially their opinions on the music and not so much the aesthetically pleasing face and body structure of the handsome band members. Because of this, I took a liking to a his blog and followed him.

I liked electronic music for quite some time before meeting him, but I grew tired of hearing, "Oh, like unce, unce, unce," from people after telling them what my favorite music was. Also, people assumed that I was the type to go clubbing and knew how to dance. Being a complete introvert, especially back then, I could only deny so many claims before I gave up and stuck with good 'ol alternative.

 After talking for quite a while, either a few weeks or months, we had so many similar ideas and interests, we became really good friends. We both made it very apparent what our talents were; he was great at making music and I was great at making visual art. Wanting to be a part of his incredible music, I asked (I think) to design a few things for him. A lot of time has passed since then, but we still work together like pb & j. I've designed some logos/artwork for him to use, as well as given him critique on some of his songs, which he appreciates. I love quality music and analyzing the basic components of song listening, even if I have little knowledge of technical song composition and music in general. He gives me credit for the artwork and created a song for me, which I posted up above.

Curently, he's being a lazy bum with making songs and I'm in the thinking process (aka the 'relapse' stage of procrastinating) of designing his tumblr-hosted website.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

[Royal Vision] Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Macaron Aqua Blue Circle Lens Review PEEK! []

I didn't know where to quite start off my first beauty post for my blog. I know I wanted it to be something fun to kickoff this whole thing. I mean, two followers is a big deal for me~

But seriously, my old blue go-to lenses, the EOS Gothic 3 Tones (aka Sassy) in Turquoise (14.5mm) were expiring soon, so it was about time I looked into some new ones, because I'm just not the type of person to buy a dozen lenses in a year. I'm much too lazy for that, also I go through contact lens solution really quickly.

Anyways, the Gothic 3 Tones were getting kind of boring to me. They aren't that pigmented, although they make good lenses if you want to transition into circle lenses, despite its size.

But this isn't about my old lenses!

I actually received the package a week or two ago. I've just been so busy lately. But it's coming soon, I promise! 

The packaging is adorable! And I'm not usually one for adorable!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

San Francisco N00bs (Holiday Photo Blog)

A few weeks ago, my family from Los Angeles (I was born there and lived there until I was 12) came up to the bay to visit us and of course go to San Francisco.

I moved to the SF bay in early February this year after moving around all over the country for about three years. Since moving here, I've only visited SF twice. Once being a quick drive around, and the other doing a makeup job for a photoshoot. Other than that, I've never actually had a chance to explore SF, so my visiting relatives invited me to go with them on a Saturday.

In case that sounds a bit confusing, here's a quick diagram. n_n
This is part of Northern California. The red is the bay area, the purple that looks like the tip of a penis is San Francisco, and the blue is generally where I live.

Anyways, on to the trip!

We started our trip by driving to Chinatown. We didn't really know what we were doing, so we just stood around and looked touristy for the most part.

This is (from left to right) Tee (my mom's brother), his girlfriend Addie, Lily (my mom's sister), and her boyfriend Jose. I guess you could say I was a 5th wheel. x3

They're so cute! :33

So then we grabbed some pizza.

After that, we headed to Lombard Street.

Which some of you may know as this street.

So anyways, here are some pics from that.
At the very top of the street. :oo

Then we visited Ghirardelli Square!

Ghirardelli Square (the location) was acquired by Domingo Ghirardelli in order to create the headquarters for the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company in 1893. It has a long history, but it's the location of Ghirardelli Chocolate Shops and other restaurants.

Inside one of the stores. So much damn chocolate, you guys.

Jizz everywhere.

I over photoshopped, I know. :/ What can you do~

Candid, I swear! So ADORABRUUU.

Then some more of Fisherman's Wharf.

Now, a ferry to the Golden Gate Bridge!
Brace yourselves. Poor photo selection is coming.

Again, they're so adorable. n_____n 

We also got to see Alcatraz, but at this point my camera started dying.

We also went to the Aquarium of the Bay and The Castro, but alas, I only have camera phone pics of that.

So I leave you with this sunset I took the day after the trip.

Hope you enjoyed the post!


Friday, April 6, 2012

It's time to dance!

Last weekend was one of my little sisters' birthday party. Typically there would be no reason to document an event like this, partly because children's parties aren't necessarily the most exciting thing for people that aren't children, and mostly because being Mexican, you go to these parties twice every weekend, and thus I am thankful for not living close to my extended family. That would just be exhausting.

This party is particularly special because my sisters are obsessed with certain cartoon characters. Some pretty fucking awesome cartoon characters.

Therefore, we had to have a Yo Gabba Gabba themed party... with actual Yo Gabba Gabba entertainers!

Out of the 35-45 people that came, I only know like 10. I just never do well with parties.

Anyways, here are some photos from that:

Some pre-party decorating

Decor details
Le people that I don't know

Except Marie (Aunt Status) n_n She let me do her eye makeup
My grandmother and I. Not sorry for the censoring-- my teeth are stupid

My mom ordered a taquero (like mexican catering lol) so no one would have to cook/serve

Some of it was bland, but still yummy!

Then there was cake.
The top tier was chocolate and the bottom was carrot (a personal favorite)

The birthday girl pigging out. Then she wiped my shirt with her frosting-covered hand. ;-;

Then there was partying.

All the kids were pretty much freaking the fuck out.

Then there was dancing.
They did a few dance performances.

After the entertainers left, we decided to play games with the kids.

It was actually a lot more fun than I made it out to be in this post. The kids were so happy to see the characters literally hang out with them. They were so sweet, they thanked us for the great party, and some even said that this was the best party that they had been to.
So anyways, I should probably be a kids party planner now.

I leave you with this cell phone pic of Marie and I. :3